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Baby nursing to sleep/nap or comfort feeds.


Baby always nurses to sleep at bedtime or naps mostly. (Unless we are out in the car or stroller she will doze off). I work weekends only while grandma takes care of her. I luckily work only 4 hours a day because she exclusively BF and has a hard time taking BM from the bottle. She use to be good at it from birth to about 2.5 months. But my concern is will it be hard to wean her out of this bad habit of nursing to sleep? I know it’s comfort to baby and she’s still little. I’ve just came across a lot of forums about moms having a hard time weaning baby later on. She literally cried for the boob, just to sleep even if she’s full and she will knock out in less than a min of nursing. Is this normal?

  • Raji
    Dec 28

    My kiddo still does this and she is over a year now. If I could redo, I would nurse her n then put her to bed drowsy but awake so she gets used to it.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 28

    I nursed to sleep until about 3 months. Then I made it a habit to nurse when he woke up. So I did sleep eat play repeat all day long! Baby might fuss and not like it... but it’s a crucial skill to learn to fall asleep on their own if you want a good sleeper in the future