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Baby Sucks So Strong She Chokes When Bottle Feeding

I have been breastfeeding by my 5 week old and she has been a strong sucker since birth. Occasionally I have had to give her a bottle (when my milk ducts were completely plugged early on I had to pump and feed her, also there are times I am out of milk and she is screaming because she is still hungry). When I feed her with a bottle she sucks so hard she either chokes or she starts to just nibble at the bottle. The nibbling is a problem because it changes the way she eats when I breastfeed after that and she ends up sucking air with every swallow. I have tried the slow flow nipples from Dr Browns, Maam an Avent. Avent has been the slowest bit it’s still too fast and she chokes at least once with each bottle. I have tried having her sit as upright as possible and keeping the bottle horizontal to slow the flow and I’ve tried tipping the bottle back every 15 seconds or so to let her swallow and pace herself a bit. Nothing is working... she still chokes and still nibbles at the bottle. Are there any specialty nipples for situations like this?

  • EM
    Jan 01

    Mine started doing that around the same time. Even while breastfeeding I thought my let down was too fast foe her. I then gave some and introduced the bottle amd again she would sucking really hard because she was very hungry and then she would releasing because she was gulping or gasping for air. After a while she then would start crying while trying to feed. I tried all different kind of bottles and nipples (even ordered a sample kit with the best 7 bottles) and if one worked it shortly fell under same issue. Her ped said recommend Dr brown so I decided to continued with them since I started with those and had a full set. I went as far as switching to premiee nipples and that helped for a while. Then the issue continued getting worse until her pediatrician diagnosed her with silent reflux. Hopefully your baby doesn't have that and a different bottle will solve the issue... but keep an eye for it. Babies who have reflux and don't spit up are the one who drive the parent's crazy because you can't figure out what's wrong and you want them to feed just fine.

  • EM
    Jan 02

    Sorry for grammar typos I typed this while not being super sleepy but unable to fall asleep because MLO keeps rolling over on her tummy..... so while I keep checking on her I am reading about parents with same issues.