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Baby time

I’m a stay at home dad, I try to keep up with the house chores while the baby sleeps, but it not always possible, and sometimes I feel bad about leaving the baby in the play pen so I can sweep and mop the floors. I feel like I should be entertaining or doing more activities with him. Is it normal to feel this way? And is ok to leave the baby in the play pen for brief periods?

  • Kristen
    Apr 24

    If your kid is safe and happy in the play pen, what’s the harm in letting him play solo for awhile? Don’t let your dad guilt make you think you must play with him actively every waking minute. That’s not realistic. But also, cut yourself a break if chores aren’t done. 😊

  • Jenn
    Apr 24

    Having baby play alone for some time is a good way to build independence and imagination.

  • Devon
    Apr 25

    I have had the same concerns but i found out it is very important for babies to have a some alone play time so they can learn how to play alone and entertain themselves. Feeling this way is proof that you care so it sounds like you are doing right by your LO!!

  • Lauren
    Apr 29

    If baby needs you baby wear or have baby on your hip. I know my husband realizes how much I do but he doesn't understand the juggling act it takes. I felt bad just like you are saying so I reevaluated and finally found what works for us. I clean during nap times and do a power hour clean. Then I prep any food I can to make supper easier and pack lunches for my husband. Another good time to do it is when baby is eating solids. My son was more independent with food so I would put his high chair next to me and work while he ate. But do not feel bad leaving your son to play it will make him an independent player and help him understand that he cant always be with you.

  • cocomac
    Sep 01

    This question is everything!!! And are the responses!! #parentguilt