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Baby too cold at night?

My 10 month old daughter always seems cold at night. I dress her in a fleece pajama with covered feet and the temp says 77 in her room. Her hands and cheeks and ears are chilly when I check her before bed. But If I add a small blanket it seems to make her very warm. Anyone struggling with this?

  • B
    Oct 21

    I keep our house at 70 at night so I can’t imagine it being that hot. Babies have weird circulation and as long as her chest is normal temp she’s fine. If anything I think you’re over doing it

  • Melissa
    Oct 21

    We keep our house at 72. I’m using her baby monitor for her room temp so I’m not sure how accurate that actually is.

  • Liza M.
    Oct 21

    We struggled with this a little with my first-our apartment was old and has no heat in the bedroom. We managed it by using a sleep sack with layers underneath. And when she was very young those onesies that had the fold-over cuffs. But she never seemed to wake up from the cold even though her hands and feet and ears were quite chilly. I think over all she was comfortable.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 21

    From day 1 my doctor said dress babies like you would dress yourself, and adjust for no blankets, because she shouldn't be using a blanket. But say you are going outside in a t-shirt and long pants, she will be fine in the same outfit. Same for sleeping. If she wakes up a lot in the night you could adjust what she's wearing but honestly I'm surprised she's not sweating through everything!

  • Danielle
    Oct 21

    If her neck is warm to the touch, then she is not too cold, even if her hands and feet are cold to the touch. Babies circulation at that age is still not great so their extremities can feel cold

  • Tina
    Nov 21

    Yeah, baby monitor isn’t accurate. We keep ours between 68-70 depending on the weather. I put socks on her hands and feet. Babies are different from us they really don’t get that cold easily. Their circulation is just different,