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Baby won't eat or nap at daycare


I'm pretty sure the cause is that it is a new environment, new people, it's not home at all, and his family isn't there. It's louder at the daycare and there's always another baby crying at all times, as babies will do. And it's his first week there. That said, how do I stop all this from negatively affecting my baby? He won't eat or sleep there. He comes home starved and sleep deprived every day since he started going. The daycare got great reviews on yelp, and the caregivers provide a log of the day's events when you come to pick up your kid. What the kid did, how long, what he ate, how many ounces, what was in his diaper, etc. That's how I know how little he ate and how poorly he slept. I also see it in his dark eye circles, his cranky behavior and meltdowns. He has his creature comforts with him when he goes to daycare. The things he uses to fall asleep when he's home, his favorite bottle and spoon, etc. Anything more than that, and I worry the staff might think he's too high maintenance to stay, or think I'm micromanaging his care. How do I make this work?

  • Laura
    May 15

    You could try spending time at the daycare with your son to help ease him into it.

  • Jenn
    May 15

    I'd say just give it time. Like you said, it is all new to him so as he gets more comfortable, he will get into the groove. Does he has a favorite food or snack? I'd say send that in so he can at least eat that. I'd also suggest giving him more formula/BM before he goes to get more oz in him. My LO did that a bit when she moved into a new class so I just made sure she had more before she left and gave her more when I picked her up

  • Anonymous
    May 15

    As the above post said, it’s just first week and sometimes it takes weeks if not months for kids to adjust. He’ll adjust to the way things happen at day care. Don’t worry about the staff thinking that he’s high maintenance; it’s their job to deal with new kids all the time. As long as they have a consistence schedule, he should come around soon. You can always talk to the providers to see how things are and how he’s doing and what might help; otherwise it just takes time.

  • Elle
    May 19

    Give it time, he will adjust. In the meanwhile, keep really good,open.polite communication with all of his teachers.