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BabyCenter forum users


Does anyone find BC forums to have cyber bullies? I mean yes, some people ask dumb questions, but sometimes it’s in times of desperation or emotion, and sometimes it’s a troll asking to be attacked... but there are some users in my birth group that are complete assholes and are relentless and pick you apart and then that person is like, wait do I need to literally type everything out in order for you to STOP judging me? I don’t know why I’m posting this, but I just think it’s sad. Mom-shaming is already hard enough, and don’t they have better things to do than be terrible to a stranger online? I see the irony in my anonymous post but I’m not hurting anyone 😂 I’m going to be a bitch here and also say that people THAT active on forums need something else to direct their (negative) energy... or go to therapy.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 17

    Yes, during my pregnancy and in the first year of raising my daughter I noticed a negative atmosphere in the BC forums that I wanted nothing to do with. Sadly, it happens in every forum on parenting. It doesn't make sense because a majority of parents are trying their best. It's good at times to be critical and sometimes a level of "rudeness" is needed to get an important point across, but 99% of the time it is unnecessary. I've found this site to have the least amount of rude, judgmental parents, but every now and then "those" people pop up on here too. It doesn't matter what we do as parents, someone is always going to be judging of disapproving of what we do. I sometimes like to remind those people that if the rest of the world had an open view to their parenting, there would be plenty of people ready to rip them to shreds for things they don't see an issue with. My mom constantly tells me that she is glad her children are grown because she would hate to have young ones these days. Too many people worried about others instead of themselves.

  • Ivy
    Aug 02

    I think, a lot of opinionated or aggressive personalities tend to comment. They’re usually the ones who have something to say when more level-headed people don’t. They don’t think “if you have nothing nice (or constructive) to say, don’t say it at all”. A lot of these negative/ unnecessary comments defend themselves saying “it’s my opinion, I can say whatever I want”, but really... does that mean everyone wants to hear it? This isn’t exactly the same, but it’s a little like reading through reviews— a lot of people who experience bad reviews, write reviews over someone satisfied.