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Babysitting when baby is asleep


How much less do you pay a sitter for babysitting while baby is asleep? Also... do you let the sitter know that you have cameras in the house?

  • Rebecca
    Mar 08


  • Anonymous
    Mar 09

    What I have read and asked others, rate is the same.

  • Andrea
    Mar 09

    Same rate. You want to know you have someone capable there in case something goes wrong - baby wakes up sick, screaming, etc...

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    I don’t think the rate should be any different. The child could wake up at any minute. When I used to babysit as a teen I always got paid the same rate. I wouldn’t expect to get paid any less because the child fell asleep.

  • Holly
    Apr 01

    Is the sitter allowed to run out and catch a movie while the child is sleeping? Nope, pay for her time.