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Baptizing baby dilemma


I was raised Catholic. My husband Methodist. We don’t go to church often except for holidays, events etc and when we do it’s generally Methodist but only because my mil has coerced us into going. My husband wants to baptize her in a Methodist church and I the Catholic Church. Here’s the thing even though neither of us is super religious there are certain things that I grew up with that I learned thereby being a Catholic that I’d like to pass onto my daughter. I’d really would like to have that bond with her. We’d be going mostly to a Methodist church on occasion because my hubs parents go to it more often so she’d be more exposed to it. However, I really would like to have her baptized in a Catholic Church. Is it really that big of a deal to baptize in one yet attend another? Hubs seems to think that’s not “allowed” in either religion but I disagree. It will become a little complicated once she gets to her communion, confirmation etc. We’ve also considered doing a non denominational church because neither of us can agree on one or the other but we don’t know enough about them. Anyone else experiencing or experienced this issue? TIA

  • Anonymous
    Aug 11

    We baptized my daughter at the beach. With water from the ocean where we live and water from the River Jordan. My husbands not religious at all. This was a really special moment that had nothing to do with which religion someone belonged to, etc. It was about community and support. I think it’s ok if she gets baptized in one and attends another. It’s not Like Jesus got baptized in a church. I grew up Protestant and attended Catholic Church with my dad a lot and I was fine. I just didn’t take communion. Is your husband really that religious to say that she is not allowed if that were done? I thought it was the same God for both religions. It’s seems all too technical and a lot of trouble at this point. But I’m not the most religious either I guess.

  • Cindy
    Aug 27

    Why not wait until she is old enough to decide which religion she wants to be?

  • Michelle
    Sep 09

    I’m not honestly sure of the answer but you could probably get guidance from a catholic priest on your end for clarification. My MIL is a heavy catholic as well and my husband and I actually both work sundays so we only go to church on holidays, we made a deal with her to baptize our daughter as well. Otherwise in my non religious opinion, it’s not that big of a deal.