Reply to I’m at SAHM and i’m scared I’m starting to resent my husband

Not judging. Did you guys talk about expectations of involvement before you had the kiddo? Hubby and I had several talks before I got pregnant with my first about what we expected of each other and how that would change with number of kids. We had those talks again before trying for our second. I told my hubby before I got pregnant that I wasn't comfortable having kids unless he was willing to commit to certain things. Such as I go to the gym 3 nights a week and I have a weekend class on Sat morning. He puts the kids to bed after work. He helps with diapers and feeding on weekends. We listed out everything and he had requests too. Like he has guys night and goes to concerts with friends. Sitting down and spelling out what you expect and why you want it could help a lot. Also explain to him how you feel and what you are afraid of.