Reply to “It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out.”

Michaela, thank you for responding! My mom and dad were both very nurturing and kind and always talked to me and wanted me to talk to them and I mostly did until I reached JR high and high school. I think something happened to shake my confidence in myself and for whatever reason I stopped wanting to talk to them and confide in them....I’m so worried something similar will happen with my own daughter. I just have to keep a constant open line of communication and involvement with her and that should hopefully help. Thank you for writing and sharing, it was helpful!! Kieli, I’m so sorry to hear that:(. This is really going to show my age but social media didn’t exist when I was in high school!! I actually remember starting college and getting a paper letter in my student mailbox explaining step by step how I could go to the library resource room and sign up for my own student email address but that it would cost $20 a semester to have it!! So I just stuck with my own hotmail account until my sophomore year when student emails were free. It’s crazy how things have changed so much. I’m not sure how I would have dealt with high school if I’d had MySpace or Facebook. I think it would have been a lot tougher. I also only have this and LinkedIn accounts and I’m more than happy with that. I will definitely monitor my daughters online presence when the time comes. And I agree that learning how to stand up for yourself is so important. Thanks again!! Amanda, thanks for your response as well. I went to a very small and rural high school and everyone knew me as well. I was never directly bullied in any way that I can recall, but I did find those years to be unbelievably awkward and hard. It’s great that you’re raising such confident children. I’m also a product of a large family (youngest of 10), and all my older siblings tell me they had experiences similar to what you describe. I’m not exactly sure where things went wrong with me but I found those years to be so difficult. I felt lonely a lot and while I didn’t necessarily care what people said about me I definitely wanted to be liked and I struggled to find a group of friends where I fit in. Thanks for your perspective, I hope those years are as easy for my daughter as they were for you.