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bed sharing and sex?


For parents that share the bed with their LO, how often are you really having sex?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 31

    A couple times a week. Baby goes to sleep and we go to couch. It works well for us

  • Anonymous
    Mar 31

    Once a week on average. Admittedly, I’ve never been ‘in the mood’ as exhaustion from lack of sleep is real, BUT I feel much better, more connected and loving afterwards. Maybe it’s more the quality than quantity. This is my second, and I remember my sex drive was quite low through breastfeeding 🤱🏻

  • Carisa
    Apr 01

    With my first one I still had sex like 3x a week. With my second, like 1x a week.

  • Yami
    Apr 15

    We have sex almost every other day. We just let the little guy fall asleep and move him to his bed while we have some mommy daddy time. He usually wakes up soon after and comes back to bed with us but so far so good. This method definitely has an expiration date so keep that in mind but for now maybe give it a try