Bed wetting with 7 year old

My daughter has recently turned 7 and has been up and down with bed wetting issues for several years. She’s currently in a pattern where she’s wetting the bed most nights to some extent. She’s had a history for her entire life with constipation and we’ve gone through treatments over the past few years and her doctor has stated that this can contribute to bed wetting. I’ve read the same. We make a very strong effort with addressing the constipation, which also ebbs and flows if we aren’t vigilant about it. When that’s better, she tends to not pee the bed as much. It’s a struggle nonetheless but I was hoping for feedback on how to handle the social aspect of it, like with sleepovers. She had a friend over last night and I made sure both used the potty before bed and to my knowledge she hadn’t had anything to drink before, but it looks like she peed again. She keeps it hidden but has expressed her frustration with it, at least when it happened on a scout trip overnight (“I’m such a baby...”). I try to stay supportive and try to encourage my hubby to do the same. The logical solution is address the constipation, no liquids an hour before bed, potty before bed, and possibly discreetly provide a pull-up for overnight sleepovers, right? We haven’t used pull-ups in years for her, and I’m not sure how she’ll handle it, but if we stay supportive, give her a bag to hide/dispose it in for the morning so her friends don’t find out, maybe that will help her through the inevitable continued slumber parties? Any other suggestions or has anyone else gone through this? When does it get better?

  • Morgan
    Nov 19

    I would schedule a appointment with a urologist