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Mainly just posting for opinions, or for examples of what you guys have done or if you could look at my photos and tell me what you would do with my space or just for you to tell me of my thoughts are totally crazy or not. So we have a 3 bedroom house, with one 2&a half year old and two dogs (with their crates). We have the master bedroom, the other two rooms are on the other side of our house (not a big house, but still on the other side). The little one has a lot, a lot of toys (I’ve already gone through twice before Christmas and once after and gotten rid of some stuff). His room has his crib (which I’m planning on switching him to bed ASAP) and pretty much all of his toys, books, his art easel ball pit etc. but it’s feeling really cramped. Our third room has the dogs crates and a queen sized bed. So I’m wondering do I turn third bedroom into playroom, his new bedroom or leave as guest/dog room?? Seems odd with the queen bed in there taking up most of the space. Do I make that his sleeping room and he use the queen? (It’s just mattress & box spring on the ground with no frame)(can toddlers sleep on that size bed?) therefore his current room would be the playroom? Do I want the dog crates in his playroom? Does he need a playroom? I had a great big one growing up. I know some people keep toys out of the bedroom and living room and only in the playroom. Do I make space for excess toys in the living room instead of a playroom? (I have an open living room) my grandmother hates the idea of toys in the living room. Do I create the playroom and move dog crates in living room or my bedroom? I’m just no good at arranging rooms and such, any help or tips are much appreciated. Thank you! Pictures are living room, third bedroom (possibly playroom) and lastly his current room which is slightly smaller than third room.

  • Amanda
    Jan 03

    If you’re not really using that queen bed, make that his room, then make his current room the playroom with the dog crates. I’m all for keeping kid toys out of living rooms when possible. Also looks like some more storage solutions would help with organizing the space.