My 3 year old goes to bed so easily for my husband but he is a total pain for me on nights my hubby works. My husband tells him it’s bedtime and he gives hugs and kisses and my son is out but when I try bedtime it’s 1 hr + of tantrums and putting him back in bed non stop. I am so sick of it 😰 I really hope hubby finds a day shift sooner rather than later.🙄

  • Ivy
    Feb 06

    I’m sorry, I know what you mean. My husband puts both our boys to bed and on the weekends, he can successfully get our 2 year old to nap too. But for me, nap time is an all day battle through the week and bedtime is 10xs the struggle for me. When I put the kids to sleep, hubby always asks “why did that take so long?” I swear I do the same things, but they just are super attached to me. And I discipline them a lot more too, so they know I mean business. But for some reason they just give me a hard time!

  • Dani
    Feb 06

    That’s exactly like my situation. It’s insane.

  • Anne
    Feb 07

    I have no solutions for you but sympathy! I hope it’s just a phase and your hubs can get on a better shift. Meanwhile make sure you take care of yourself when you get the chance!