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TWO QUESTIONS: What is an appropriate bedtime for a 3 year old that has to wake up at 645am for school? What is an appropriate bedtime for a 3 year old during summer when he doesn't have to wake up for school?

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    I think it depends on the kid. Does he still take a nap? If so, does he take a short nap and sleeps longer hours at night? Typically how many hours of sleep does he get at night? Just time it so that he gets his average amount of sleep at night to wake up comfortably around 630-645. So if he needs 11 hrs at night then put him down for bed close to 730. I think best bedtimes for toddlers is any time between 7-8 pm. Summer time? I would keep it consistent.

  • Anne
    Jun 04

    7-7:30pm but try not to go later, even if he’s still napping. The more you can give him a 11 or 12 hour stretch at night the better. My 4 and 6yo still have to go down at 7:30pm or they get super cranky at school! I’m a fan of early bedtimes.