Reply to I hate breastfeeding

For me breastfeeding I felt encouraged a bond with my first but now I’m expecting twins I don’t know how I can handle it physically as it is difficult at times. I think I’ll try but if I’m a happier mom and a better caregiver not doing it then I think that will be best for the babies. Better a happy mom than a stressed or depressed one. People are always trying to tell moms what they should do but we have to do and decide what works best for us and our families. Don’t feel guilt. There’s nothing wrong with formula. If you feel that bad you can try pumping if it’ll make you feel better. For me I hated pumping HATED it. So idk if that will be an option for me this time around. People are telling me that I need to try not to have a c section and that I have to make my babies sleep together and I’m only a few weeks pregnant. It’s annoying and though I’m sure they mean well I don’t need people who are not my dr and totally unaware of the risks to me and my babies telling me how I should give birth. I mean there is one person who has literally brought up my labor like 3 or 4 times insistent I not have a section. While I prefer natural like my first the situation with twins is completely different and so much more complicated. People need to keep their opinions to themselves.