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Best Books For 1yr old

Any ideas and where I can buy them?

  • Lindsay
    Jan 16

    Any board books or books with the plastic tabs so they can turn the pages themselves. Texturized stuff there’s like a monster board book with fun textures at target. We also like the book Celebrate Bedtime

  • anonymous mom
    Jan 16

    Amazon seems to have the best prices for new board books!! If it doesn’t sketch you out to buy used, try looking into your local used bookstores, online (Facebook has some groups and Craigslist too). You can also find them at Salvation Army and goodwill. I wiped all our used books down with alcohol pads! Lol. As for books my daughter loves most, it seems to be any ones that are “touch and feel,” as well as any that have cute rhymes (Pout Pout Fish is her current fave).

  • Cheryl
    Jan 16

    Honestly, I got to thrift stores. You can find books for a dollar there, and a lot of them are in pretty good shape.

  • Diana
    Jan 16

    My child is now two and the books she keeps returning to are the board books I bought on a whim at the local dollar store. I also buy from thrift stores, garage sales, etc, and just wipe down every page with disinfectant wipes. Try your local library to find the authors / types of books you like, then you can find good prices online and already know that you like the story.

  • Teresa
    Jan 18

    A current favorite in our house is Sheep Go To Sleep