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Best diaper rash (prevention) cream?

We don’t have a rash, I’d just like some recommendations. We’ve used Desitin in the past, it was okay. Looking for better.

  • G
    Aug 15

    I have used Desitin maximum strength, Desitin rapid relief, aquaphor ointment for babies and burts bees ointment. Desitin maximum strength was best for getting rid of a bad rash. Burts Bees was a close runner up and had more natural ingredients.

  • Kendall
    Aug 16

    baby aquaphor is all we use!

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 16

    I really like triple paste. It’s expensive but a little goes a long way. It has petroleum, zinc oxide, and lanolin, so it’s soothing and moisturizing while it heals. I didn’t have a lot of luck with desitin but my mom used that on my little brother and she swore by it. We use aquaphor all the time too, but more for preventative maintenance, ha. She’s fully daytime potty trained now so during the day she has no creams on at all but at night she’s still in a diaper. I always pile a lot of aquaphor on her at night to act as a barrier because she still fills an overnight diaper at nighttime.

  • Bethany
    Aug 16

    We use desitin max strength and butt paste. I also use my own cream I make. If your interested I can give u the recipe

  • Yanis
    Aug 16

    Yes Bethany that would be great

  • Jenn
    Aug 16

    For every day we use Aquaphor. If my LO has really bad diaper rash, I use a natural apple cider vinegar mix (3parts water, 1part acv). ACV is natural anti-fungal/anti-bacterial so it clears it right up. I put that on, let it dry, and then put aquaphor on top

  • Aye
    Aug 16

    Mustela (wash,shampoo,lotion, diaper cream) it’s the best!

  • Destin
    Aug 17

    Butt paste is amazing! Always clears it right up!! Wonderful stuff!!!

  • Jacqueline
    Aug 17

    I use aquaphor healing ointment for babies. Best thing ever - and it is clear so it does not make a huge mess like desitin.

  • Jean
    Aug 17

    Triple paste has worked the best for our guy. Also recommend a diaper cream brush. Seems silly but makes things easier

  • Q
    Aug 17

    I use the A&D cheaper to get the jar, i also use on my on chap finger tips due to work. Works wonderful

  • Coll
    Aug 18

    Triple paste!

  • Molina
    Aug 18

    I was recommended Dr. Smith’s diaper ointment by a local pharmacist. Have been using it as a preventive measurement as well for almost 11 months. Baby has not have any issues. The only matter as some ointments, is thicker and messy. But worth it for my baby. 😊 Had seen my nephews sufferred from diaper rash, which was heartbreak for me.

  • Natalya
    Aug 22

    I love Burt’s Bees diaper cream! My baby loves it too. Started getting a little rash and it was gone after 2 uses (now I use it any time he starts getting even a little red and no more rashes!)

  • Kayla
    Oct 07

    ALDI’s diaper cream works really great! I’ve previously used honest diaper cream which also works great but switched to ALDI’s because honests was too expensive.