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Best options for childcare for 6 year old-first summer break after kindergarten.

Hey all, just want to see what people have done. I am a divorcee with partial amicable relationship with their mom. I am looking for option for the first summer coming up for child care that doesn't cost too much. We have our 6 year old boy in camps for a few weeks but can't do this all summer and nanny is expensive. Thoughts?

  • Anne
    Mar 25

    Some daycares provide summer care at reasonable weekly rates. I’d definitely look into that as a more affordable option.

  • Jennifer
    Apr 25

    Look into your local parks, they have summer camps that are affordable. My son goes to the Hacienda Heights park, the last 2 yrs was $80/week. This year it is $100/week. Still cheaper than regular summer camps that cost $220/week. They do arts & crafts, and weekly there is one day that they on field trips to Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Raging Water, Laser tag, Santa Monica Pier, The Science center. This is all paid for by the park and includes free lunch.