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Best slip on shoe for toddlers/preschoolers?

Is there something you like similar to Crocs or Natives for kids shoes? My son hates putting on shoes with Velcro He prefers to slip his foot into something. Prefer no heel or low heel. Not flip flop

  • Anonymous
    Feb 08

    Crocs are ugly, but my son loves them and they had a lot of character ones. Otherwise I usually get him a simple pair of carters slip ons, like the skateboard looking ones. My son hates socks. The older they get the more shoes they make that look like they have laces, but really slip on too.

  • Sammie
    Feb 08

    I think Vans makes smaller shoes for babies/toddlers and younger kids. If those are too expensive though, I'm sure someone sells knock off versions of them. I think I got my son a similar pair at Walmart one time that were slip ons.

  • Ivana
    Feb 08

    Vans or Toms seem like a safe bet!

  • T
    Feb 09

    Get a pair of Hickies no tie shoe laces and any shoe can potentially become a slip on shoe. They come in all different colors and that way you’re not stuck having to rely on a pair or two of shoes.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 19

    We ve gotten the Target brand version of Crocs and they were cheaper and great! We also have some New Balance sneakers that just have elastic in the front instead of shoelaces. Both my kids love them, they seem comfortable and easy for a toddler get on and off themselves.