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Best tablet for a 2 year old?

  • Lindsey
    Nov 04, 2018

    Hi! We bought my little guy a amazon fire kids tablet when he was 1.5 y for Christmas. 2 years later and it’s still one of our best purchases! Child proof case and can download kid apps/ games and tv shows!

  • PK
    Nov 04, 2018

    I second the amazon fire. It comes with a free year of amazon free time which has a bunch of shows, games and stuff for kids. That’s where we found some really great shows that our toddler enjoys. Child proof case included.

  • Jessica
    Nov 04, 2018

    Amazon fire for sure

  • Joshua
    Nov 04, 2018


  • Anonymous
    Nov 04, 2018

    Not to sound rude, but you should do outside time. Toddlers shouldn’t have tablets. They’re suppose to be running around playing, not starring at a screen.

  • Karrah
    Nov 04, 2018

    100% Amazon Kindle Fire we'll be upgrading to the big screen this Christmas

  • Yelena
    Nov 06, 2018

    Once I bought a few amazon fires to give as gifts and had 1 left over from a couple years ago still packaged. I didnt want the battery to die and eventually go to waste so I gave it to my son. They are nice to have when you're on the road. He does have his own laptop too. The chromebook we got for his second birthday. He gets plenty of outside time. Hes not attached to it like other kids can be. Kids who spend too much screen time have a delay in speech. But this guy I'm not worried about at all.

  • Kiarra
    Nov 11, 2018

    Definitely the Amazon Fire! My children, niece and lil sister all have it and it has been god sent!

  • SkyeMarie
    Nov 12, 2018

    Anything is childproof with an otterbox and a kidsmode app

  • Shannon
    Nov 16, 2018

    Amazon fire, yes! You can customize the "free time" apps for age appropriate use.