Beware of the Britax BOB jogging stroller

Crazy read about how this stroller should have been recalled long ago after the front wheel kept falling off. I actually have this stroller but never got around to using it. Now I feel lucky I was lazy!

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 03

    I am by no means a Trump supporter (shudder), but this is kind of crazy to me. I own a bob and use it all the time. It comes with a big yellow hard to remove card regarding the front wheel and cautioning about how you need to watch a video to ensure you assemble it properly. Every time I pull it out and use it, I make sure the wheel is on correctly (even if I’m going for a walk). It’s so terrible that kids are getting hurt though, that’s heartbreaking. Also, I just wanted to point out that this article is somewhat laughable in that it talks about how Britax paid a lobbyist $40K last year...$40K is peanuts compared to what lobbyists are paid and how much lobbyists pay our lawmakers to push their agenda. If you go to and look up how much $$ PACs are paying “our” lawmakers to pass laws and regulations that suit them, you’ll be disgusted. Also, out of the top 20 senators and representatives who received contributions from PACs, there are 11 Democrats and the top 5 on the list are democrats. I used to be really involved in politics and now I’m registered as unaffiliated because of garbage like this... I feel like every time I read anything about politics or stories like this I have to spend hours trying to find the real truth because it really does seem like every journalist has an agenda now. Again, I’m not saying this isn’t horrible, but I never feel like I get real facts anymore and it just drives me bananas. Sorry for that rant.

  • Joanna
    Apr 03

    Politics aside, I have a single Bob from 2014 and a double Bob from 2017. My wheel has detached once on the single; we were going uphill at a slow speed. On the double, no issues, but I have to remove the wheel to put it in my car. I try to maintain the strollers seasonally, like air in the tires, lubricant, vacuum out the Cheerios and tighten those nuts. It is quite scary because there are so many Bobs on the resale market that users won't be aware of how to check for this issue or reminded with a big yellow card.

  • Elle
    Apr 03

    Only pertains to models made up until 2015. A search of government databases conducted by CR did not find any reported incidents or injuries related to wheels detaching on the models post-2015 redesign.

  • emily groendyke
    Apr 04

    I have a BOB and I recommended this stroller to a friend the day before I saw this article. I can’t in good conscious continue to do so. The fact that the company fought the potential recall is so disturbing; I vote with my dollars and I can’t endorse this kind of corporate behavior.