Birthing classes

I am pregnant with my second baby and with my first I never got around to signing up for birthing classes and I ended up having a c-section. Is it worth it to do some birthing classes or no?

  • Alexis
    Jan 11

    I would say yes you still have to manage your pain until they admit you in the hospital. My cousin also had a c section but is going to try (vbac) vaginal birth after c section if your interested I would talk with your doctor and see if this a option for you. 🍀

  • Andrea
    Jan 11

    I think if you’re attempting a TOLAC / VBAC, it’s almost certainly worth it. If you’re going right to a scheduled c-section, probably not necessary.

  • Jade
    Jan 11

    My husband and I attended some and found them fun and informative. There were some great ideas as far as pain management goes and we felt more educated and a bit more prepared after taking the classes. I would advise making sure you do some research on the classes ahead of time to ensure your instructor is experienced and up to date!

  • Valerie

    I didn’t find birth class helpful or informative. I’d do your own research and write a detailed birth plan and hire a doula who will help YOU rather than a “some women find comfort in abc” type of advice that you’d get in a birth class.

  • Kristle

    I honestly did not take any classes or read any books. I took it one day at a time. I just let it come as it was and let my motherly instincts take over. My husband is in the Army, when he came home from his deployment we immediately got pregnant with our first child. A beautiful girl, now, I do not know how I was able to BUT she was only TWO weeks old when we got pregnant with our second child. Another baby girl. So I had two beautiful girls writhing 1 year. And I have to say, I would not change it for anything! EVER! And like I said, I never planned, took classes, or read books... They are going to be 7 and 8 this year granted they will both be 7 for a whole month and 1 day but who’s counting right? Everyone is different, my whole point is... no one is ever going to be ready for anything... no matter what you do. You just have to accept, try your best and embrace, hold on, and enjoy it day by day... God Bless everybody!! Enjoy your beautiful journey!! Because I am!! HOOAH!!

  • Olimpia

    I took a Bradley course. I thought it was sooooo worth it! More for the experience of my husband and I and my husband coaching me through the pain and being my advocate in the hospital.

  • Marisa

    I didn’t take any classes. I found my nurses extremely helpful and reassuring for both of my daughters births.

  • kc

    Yes, I found it helpful. I took a class about the basics at the hospital. What to expect during pregnancy. What to pack for the hospital. Breathing techniques. It helped ease some anxiety. For my 3rd pregnancy I borrowed a Lamaze video from the library and my husband I applied what we learned. I gave birth naturally without an epidural.

  • Shane

    I found the book by Ina May muchhhhhh more helpful than birthing classes.

  • Lily

    We did some with our first, helped me know what I wanted. Not planning on it with this next one

  • Mrs. Robinson

    I say no, but to each his/her own. The doctors will get you through it. It is worth doing a tour of the hospital and maybe parenting classes but not birthing class. But again, to each his/her own!

  • Rachael

    I took a weekend Blissborn training workshop and am so glad I did. I somehow turned into one of those people who wanted to go all natural, and had a long labor. And I am NOT someone who can usually handle pain! The breathing exercises that I’d practiced became muscle memory and helped more than I’d expected. That and having a doula and switching from an OB to a Midwife were the best decisions I made. The care I received from them surpassed anything I’d ever received or seen from a regular doctor before or after, including my daughter’s pediatrician.

  • Cassy

    Our baby came right before our scheduled birthing classes began, and I was a little nervous going into the hospital without having taken them, but the nurses helped a lot and gave me lots of tips along the way. I think they can benefit you, but are definitely not needed.

  • Anonymous

    I went to a class provided by my obgyn. It was mildly informative and more so common sense stuff. I felt as though I’d wasted my money, a couple hundred dollars. Meanwhile, a friend opted not to take the class due to how costly it was and watched a child birthing class on YouTube. After the class I ended up watching some videos on YouTube as well and they ended up being far more informative than the actual class.

  • Elisabeth

    Birth is finite. It is going to happen, and there are lots of professionals there to help you. I teach a class called Transition to Parenthood that focuses on the social emotional shift from being a couple to being a family. Parenting is a marathon. Being on the same page as parents and having a long term parenting plan will do more to help your child thrive than having a birth plan. Personally, I would invest in a class that focuses on values/priorities and effective communication.