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Bite marks


I picked my LO from her daycare center on Friday and I noticed she had a bite mark on her face so I asked her teacher if she knew what happened and this seems like a bite mark, I was told by her teacher that she had no idea what happened and it doesn't seem like a bite mark it seems like she might have bumped her head. I then went and talked to the administrator and I was told by her that it does not seem like a bite mark that it seems like she might have gotten hurt by one of those knob puzzles, at this point I was just so livid I left. I then took her to an urgent care and was told by the doctor that this was indeed a human bite mark. This is the second time she has been bitten. I am really annoyed, pissed and frustrated that the teachers did not acknowledge it and have no idea my LO was bitten as the bite mark was pretty obvious. I'm going to talk to the administrator on Monday as I have the note from the doctor confirming that it is a bite mark, any advice or suggestion on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Morgan
    Aug 03

    I would remove her from that daycare center

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    I would remove my little one after finding a suitable daycare replacement. You might want to also inform the other parents as well, your local investigative news person or BBB. This way all the other parents are made aware of how the daycare is handling a parent (which could one day be them).

  • Mika
    Aug 09

    This happened to my son at the daycare. Another baby bit him quite badly, the bitemark actually stayed for 2 weeks. However, I was immediately informed by the caregiver that my son was bitten by other kid (without mentioning the other kids name, and its a policy we agreed on). But then we bumped into a parent the next day and she immediately apologized for what happened, and that’s how we figured out who bit my son. No biggie because everything was clear, I was a little upset at the beginning because of what happened, but they’re not even 12 mo so I guess they’re just exploring. And since everything was transparent, i was fine with it. If the caregiver at your daycare is being dishonest and lied like you said, or even worse, did not notice when it happened (if it was bad, your kid must have cried or something), i would definitely remove my kid from the daycare. Just because dishonesty. You don’t leave your kids to people who has no integrity. You don’t know what they might lie about other than the bite mark. Thats my 2 cents