Blue Mountain Anglers and Fly, Pendleton, OR

San Francisco, CA

As the kids and I walked into the store to see if they sold earthworms before we headed to our (hopefully) streamside campground, we were greeted by two largeish hunting dogs. When I say largeish, I mean both dogs were easily as tall as five year-old No. 2. The rest of the visit, for the gang, was spent browsing through the store looking at the various fishing gadgets while giggling constantly because one dog or the other had just stuck their cold, wet nose into a kid’s face again. The proprietor of the store was friendly, but a person of few words with a dry sense of humor who said things like, “I said the refrigerator, that door’s for the freezer. The worms aren’t in the freezer.” as I looked in the wrong place for nightcrawlers. He had ready recommendations for where to fish in Washington, and best of all, a container of free coffee! Oh, one last thing! As we left, a second gentlemen emerged from the back room, and called one of the hunting dogs to him, “Come here Groot.” We met a hunting dog named Groot!