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BM versus whole milk past 1 year


Baby is nearing 1 year old that’s when I plan to wean, and I still have a huge stash of frozen BM. Originally I thought to donate it once she turns 1 year but then I realized, some moms nurse until 2 years or so. So they didn’t switch to whole milk at 1 year, so why would I donate my milk? Right? i can save money by using up my frozen stash after I wean then eventually moving to whole milk. Not sure why I didn’t think of that, but also wanted someone to tap my pretty little head and tell me “yeah, you’re right” 😂

  • Cristina
    Apr 05

    You’re right! Breast milk has benefits after 1. You can also mix it with whole milk when it’s time to transition.

  • Kendall
    Apr 05

    You’re right! You can try mixing half and half too so she gets used to the whole milk in the meantime :)

  • Kieli
    Apr 05

    Definitely use what you have, but I would talk to your pediatrician about cows milk. They may want you to still give your LO cows milk too

  • Anonymous
    Apr 05

    Agree w kieli! Doc may want to have at least some whole milk- the fat is good for brain development 😁

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 05

    Yes!! Do it!! I had to exclusively pump for the whole first year (to be fair, from ~12 weeks to 12 months) Because my daughter got used to bottles at daycare and stopped breastfeeding (😭😭😭), so I never had any frozen stash since I could barely keep up with her as it was....BUT I did have a friend who was a massive overproducer and pumped over 60 oz per day!!!!!! Anyway, long story short, she tried to donate it but it was too difficult so she donated hers to my my daughter continued to drink her milk right up till the end of last year when my friend stopped pumping for her baby. I also mixed it a bit with cows milk as the she started to wind down and my daughter transitioned over to cows milk easily too. It was great knowing she was still getting mother’s milk and I’m sure a lot of people will judge me but my exclusively pumped boobs had had enough and I trust my friend implicitly. Funny side story: my daughter will not give her bonus milk mama the time of day when she sees her and every time I’m like, “hey! She gave you her extra milk! Say hi at least!” And my daughter is all, “stop embarrassing me mom, gawd.” And looks away soooo even though my friend literally fed two babies at the same time with her milk she gets no extra love.