Books about going to preschool?

We are sending our daughter to preschool this fall. I thought it would be good to start talking about it with her now.Do you have any recommendations for books that talk about going to preschool and what it’s going to be like?

  • Shadia Jonas
    Mar 03, 2019

    Visit and write in the search box “when children go to school” then click on bottom left side (FREE) so you won’t pay for anything. You will find fantastic resource for social stories or activities. you can also customize your profile according to the age of the child/children. We use it on a daily basis in our school. Good luck

  • Nana
    Mar 03, 2019

    Kissing Hand but read it with a tissue. Practice group time by setting all of her stuffed animal and baby dolls in a circle for a story and a song. Make sure you are exposing her to crafts and used to playing with friends. Make sure she is obeying and listening first time to you. It keeps your child safe if they quickly listen.

  • Sara
    Mar 06, 2019

    "Llama llama misses mama" is the best!

  • Natasha
    Jun 09, 2019

    The night before preschool is pretty good, as well as llama llama misses mama and llama llama loves to read.