Books for 2.5 year old (for Christmas)

I’m looking for some new book ideas for my 2.5 year old. She has a lot of books already but I want to get her some new ones for Christmas. We don’t go over the top for this holiday but books are always a gift. She loves everything....from fire trucks, trains, airplanes and school busses to dolls, babies, animals...very typical toddler with wide and varied interests. She’s an only child and 99% likely that she always will be, so I think that I subconsciously avoid books that talk a lot about siblings since I feel bad that I can’t give her more and don’t want her to start asking for more. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Kieli
    Dec 05

    My 2 year old enjoys 5 minute story books ... I’ve gotten a few. For example I got her an Elmo book and it’s filled with tons of short stories. She can pick through and tell me which story she wants

  • Marc
    Dec 05

    Hi, my oldest loves the Rosie Revere series, authored by Andrea Beatty. The books are full of rhyme. As a parent, I really enjoy the illustrations as well. I also like the Elephant and Pig series of books by Mo Williams, they are fun to read out loud.

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 05

    Thank you both!!

  • Jenn
    Dec 06

    My daughter, almost 2.5, really loves the Hide and Seek Harry books. Good Dog, Carl is also a good one; there are very few words (mostly just pictures) so she can narrate the story herself.

  • Jess
    Dec 06

    Last year we did the Hooray Heroes personalized Christmas book for her 1st Christmas but to also to read every year at this time. She loves it as the character looks like her and each page is a different Christmas story (you choose the ones you want when ordering). Our daughter is a huge book lover (19 mo) and also likes the Highlights books cause they come monthly and have different activities as well as the a Epic! Book app on the ipad (yes I know screen time) but has stories and they can be read to with words highlighted, or music. Lastly huge hit is the Little Golden Books that pair with a google home mini. It plays music/sound effects as you read the book. Our favorite is Coco.

  • Ayla Sutton
    Dec 06

    I bring my 2.5 yr old son to the library because he just LOVES books and I just can't read the same book 500 times every month 😄 Some recent favorites are Little Pea, Ain't Gonna Paint No More, Moo Moo Brown Cow, Truck Truck Goose, Big Green Monster, and Brown Bear Brown Bear.

  • Ying
    Dec 06

    Have your girl read Olivia book series? Olivia is a fictional pig character; there is a book called “ Olivia counts down to Christmas, “which would be an excellent Xmas gift for your lovely girl.

  • Stacey
    Dec 09

    My son loves the "Don't touch Monster" and the other "Don't touch" books. They have textured parts that the kid can feel. He also loves ANY interactive book like lift a flap or slide something over. In term of non-interactive books he seems to like the Llama Llama books. Llama Llama Red Pajama gets read a lot and there are several holiday books so we have been reading Llama Llama Holidrama and Llama Llama Jingle Bells.