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Books on toddler nutrition?


Hi everyone, I have a 2 year old picky eater. I know it’s not uncommon, but I am stumped on how and what to feed her. I feel like she rejects 90% of what I offer, and today I realized she started losing weight. I am looking for book recommendations on how to feed her, and what to feed her. It doesn’t have to be the same book. TIA! 💗

  • Triny
    Nov 19, 2019

    Mine does the same thing, im hoping is just a stage. Sorry i dont have a solution to help you. But if you find out let me know 😅

  • Anonymous
    Nov 19, 2019 and @mamaknowsnutrition on Instagram have PDFs to buy on how to help picky kids/all kids. Also they just post a lot of good info about how to offer new foods, and how to make meal times a healthy stress free thing! Kidseatincolor just came out with a meal plan geared towards this

  • Ellen
    Nov 21, 2019

    My daughter had a significant oral aversion when she was younger, and is still “learning” to eat in some way..... Daniel (Tiger) Tried a New Food and books about what animals eat were interesting and helped her. Her speech therapist also did an activity with her where she got to use food stickers to make a book of foods she likes, dislikes and wants to try. I also found that bringing her grocery shopping with me and letting her help pick out foods, prep/cook/bake at home gets her interested more in tasting along the way and eating the end result! Good luck!

  • Penelope
    Dec 02, 2019

    Don’t give her a choice. If she’s hungry enough she’ll end up eating or she’ll be hungry.

  • Vonda
    Dec 05, 2019

    Michele Olivier - baby foodie and little foodie books. They make enough for a family meal with leftovers for lunches. I tell my son he has to at least try it. If he doesn’t like it that’s fine. But he has to try it.

  • Ayla Sutton
    Dec 06, 2019

    Try different foods you dont think they would necessarily like. For example, my 2yr old wont eat anything that's pasta, rice, potatoes, hamburger, or breaded meats. (Not exactly helpful for my budget...) But he will eat greek yogurt, hummus, pickles, black olives, fish, and steak. I still have him try everything we eat though. If he doesn't like it, fine, but at least try one bite.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06, 2019

    Thank you all for the replies and suggestions

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06, 2019

    Penelope I have tried not offering anything else, but she started losing weight because she won’t eat. I definitely don’t want this to become a battle, I’d like for her to look forward to meal time. Toddlers are headstrong little creatures.