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Bored 4yo

Our newly 4yo daughter recently started telling us she's bored. All. The. Time. Especially during meals. This morning she barely ate because she was bored and wanted tablet time (didn't happen so she gave up asking and went to play with toys). She is the popular girl in her preschool class, whatever that means at age 4, and gets a ton of attention from other kids. For what it's worth, I cringe as I type "popular girl" purely because I know she is an alpha and I don't want the power going to her head. Anyway, are we (parents) simply not as exciting as her classmates? Any tips on how to handle "bored" at her age? I've explained that being bored isn't bad because it makes us more creative... she's not buying it. Unless we are stimulating her brain at all times, she's tired of being bored. I'm not talking about normal attention that comes hand in hand with parenting. I'm talking about needing to do cartwheels in the kitchen without spilling eggs and dance while chopping fruit. How can I help my daughter...I don't even know what the lesson is in this case...not be bored? Be ok with being bored? Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Nana
    May 13

    Boredom is good for kids. It sparks creativity!

  • Anonymous
    May 13

    Maybe ask her, other than tablet time, what would she find interesting at meals. Make her brainstorm ideas. Family reads a book together. Tells a story about their day. Makes up a story going around the table adding. Etc. make her part of finding the solution.

  • Mrs. HHH
    May 14

    I turn to good ole Daniel tiger episodes in these head scratching situations. I’m sure there’s an episode where DT deals with being bored.