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Bottle weaning tips

My daughter is about to be 20 months old and still use a bottle. She drinks normal whole milk and probably has at least four eight ounce bottles a day on top of 3 meals and snacks. (Yet only weighs 25 pounds) She will usually have one in the morning while I cook her breakfast. One during lunch time. One for nap time. And one sometimes two for bedtime. I also give her water in a bottle through out the day to keep her hydrated. Ive tried every sippy cup I can find (360 lid, straw, flexible tip, hard tip, etc) she has an almost full mouth of teeth now and I'm worried about her getting an overbite. She loves using normal straws but not the sippy cups that have straws. Any tips or products you recommend?

  • B
    Oct 05, 2018

    Just go with a cup with a straw then. They make lids that straws push through that will leak is dropped but it’ll help. She’s old enough. Also, next Doc appt check on that quantity of milk. My doc doesn’t want more than 20oz a day. More than that she’s actually filling up on milk and not food. Also it’ll stop her from absorbing some nutrients like iron.

  • Nicole
    Oct 05, 2018

    I was gonna say maybe try cutting back on the milk to 4 5oz bottles. Although that might be to big of an adjustment but maybe try decreasing and giving more food. I was told only 15-20 oz of milk a day also.