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Breaking co sleeping

Hey guys I’m new here and I’m trying to figure out how to break my 15 month old from sleeping with me and into his own bed. Any recommendations??

  • Anonymous
    Jul 30

    Either cry it out, or the sleep lady shuffle. Google it.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 30

    Maybe you don’t need full on cry it out.... but do prepare yourself for a lot of tears

  • Rose
    Jul 30

    Just, put he or she in crib and walk away prepare. yourself for the crying but it will be over in a weekend💯

  • Yanis
    Jul 30

    What I did with my 25mo was tell her a few days before that she would be sleeping in her crib, and she said no lol. I put her favorite stuffed animals in there, did our usual night time routine but when it was time to read a story, I read it to her while she was in her crib. Then I rubbed her back until she fell asleep, it took longer than usual for a few days but she didn’t cry. I don’t mind staying 15 minutes with her while she falls asleep.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 31

    There’s no reason to make him CIO if you don’t want to. It takes more time but you can sit with him while he falls asleep and he will figure it out slowly. I am really not into CIO for my family and I haven’t had to be so far. Having said that, if you do choose to go that route, I’ve met plenty of parents with happy, loving, well adjusted kids who were left to cio at as young as 6 months. So it’s up to you. Good luck

  • Eli
    Aug 01

    I did it with mine at 15 months. I moved her crib into my room and did the 5,7,15 minutes. She was asleep in 22 minutes. She was ready. It was me who wasn’t. After a week I moved her crib into her room.