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Breastfeeding and sleep patterns


I want to breastfeed past 1y but I want my baby to be able to sleep throughout the night without waking up to nurse. She’s only 3m old now and nurses to sleep about 75% of the time. Mainly because I want her to go to sleep full and sleep longer (wakes up between 1-3 at night to nurse anywhere from 5-20 minutes and goes right back to sleep) Any moms see any correlation to breastfeeding and sleep patterns as they grow? Also are your babies more or less clingy while breastfeeding as they get older

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Dec 26

    Honestly it’s unique to the baby and the parent. Some babies sleep through the night at 3 months and stay like that. Most have regressions and struggle sleeping through the night up until age two or later. If you do some sort of modified cry it out when she is older, she won’t need to nurse through during the night. They nurse mostly for comfort after a year at night (like for teething) but you can soothe her in other ways but continue to nurse the rest of the day. I don’t believe kids are more clingy because they are nursing. Usually clingy comes more a lack of security or just a phase. Nothing to do with nursing.

  • Emily
    Dec 26

    I personally wouldn’t do anything to change her nighttime feedings until she’s at least 1 yo. Babies/toddlers who are cuddled often and breastfed on demand are more secure and therefore more independent. There is research to back this up! It’s a good sign that she is going right back to sleep when she wakes to eat. It could be helpful to not allow her to be latched for a long time after she falls asleep. That can potentially become an issue as she grows and expects to have the boob in her mouth at all times to sleep. Fortunately it sounds like that’s not the case at this point so it seems like you’re on the right track! Night weaning is not a guarantee your baby will sleep through the night. Children have irregular sleeping patterns usually through toddlerhood and even into early school age. Best of luck!