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Brushing teeth.

I started teaching my kid about brushing her teeth. We started with just water on the brush and then i guess i made the mistake of jumping to real toothpaste but the kids type. I dont why she didnt like it at all. Eventhough was a bubble fruit flavor type 🙄. I went back to doing just water and she was fine. I then bought a training tootpaste which is floruide free and is also clear. She tried it one time and was fine. I thought we were moving forward, but, the very next time i tried it again she did not want it anymore and now she dont even want to do it with just water. I guess because she saw it that it was clear she can’t tell if its on it. Im losing my patience with her. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Oct 02

    We have started doing this with our almost 3yr old. We got baby toothbrushes for the whole family, including our nanny, so we can brush our teeth next to him and show him. And then if they let you, ask "can I help you finish brushing your teeth?" Seems to work so far for us. Also, we use HELLO and Burts Bees brand kids toothpaste. HELLO-Starwberry flavor smells really good...might help! Haha🤷‍♀️