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Brushing teeth

My 1year old has 2 teeth and 4 more coming out. How do I start brushing his teeth?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 04

    We started in the tub when my son only had a couple teeth. Just left a toothbrush in the tub and we’d “play” with it. Pretending to brush and me pretending as well. Once he had more teeth (probably like 8-10) I actually got tooth paste and actually sat him down to brush before bedtime. My son went through a book phase at 1, if yours is into books there’s plenty of books about brushing teeth! Also- I got a tooth brush with a dog on it.... he loves dogs 😂

  • PK
    Sep 04

    Silicone banana brush! I tried just using a cloth to clean his teeth but he hated it... so we got the banana brush which he kinda chews on and I just go in later with it to clean myself. Just with water is fine. We didn’t start using training toothpaste (without fluoride) and a bristle brush until 1.5 yrs old.

  • Emily
    Sep 04

    We use the baby baus finger brushes.

  • Samantha
    Sep 05

    At Walmart they have toothbrushes for kids 0-2 and they are really tiny. We use those with toothpaste the size of rice.

  • Mary
    Sep 06

    We watch the Elmo toothbrushing video on YouTube while we brush. Keeps them distracted!

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Sep 10

    They have wipes for mouth and finger tooth brushes ❤