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Brushing teeth

My son is 15 months old he won't let me brush his teeth. I tried 3 different toothbrushes but he just sucks the toothpaste and bites down on it. I tried to wipe them tonight he wouldn't let me do that either. Any ideas tips on how I can brush his teeth?

  • Any
    Sep 03

    I keep saying first mommy’s turn and then baby he lets me brush for a little bit

  • Anonymous
    Sep 04

    Might be too harsh but some things are non-negotiable for me- brush teeth is one. Some nights he’ll kinda fight but let me and some nights he really fights it, and I hold him down and brush them. It’s really important to me and something I’m not willing to budge on. I’ve read other moms suggest an electric tooth brush or light up tooth brush or stuff like that to help. My son really prefers super soft bristles, I think the stiffer ones hurt his gums. Another thing that helps my son is letting him sit on the counter and turn on(and off) the water to put his brush under and sing the tooth brushing song. I think letting him do the water makes him feel cool haha

  • PK
    Sep 04

    So for the longest time I had to pin him down to brush his teeth. It was hard at first but eventually he stopped fighting me and we are at the point of him sitting in my lap for my turn and then he “brushes” his own teeth. I’m still working on the motions with him which he does for a few seconds correctly before biting and chewing on the brush. We started with a banana silicone brush first then moved to a bristle brush with training toothpaste (without fluoride) that had paw patrol on it. What also helped too was watching tv shows about brushing teeth and going to the dentist. He was a little more willing to brush teeth. He would walk over to me crying/whining but he knew it had to be done. Also... for someone to brush their teeth at the same time as he was brushing (dad brushing his teeth while I tried to brush our son’s) and letting him try to brush my teeth.

  • Stacey
    Sep 04

    Our son in almost 2. The dentist says it's OK right now to let him chew on the toothbrush with no toothpaste. My husband will sometimes brush his teeth at the same time.

  • Tina
    Sep 05

    There’s an Elmo music video on you tube for brushing teeth. I play that while brushing his teeth. He enjoys the video and let’s me brush his teeth if I play it. The video is 1 min 30 seconds so perfect length of time for brushing.

  • Belle
    Sep 05

    My daughter watches videos on YouTube where they sing about brushing teeth since she started watching them she wants to brush her teeth every ten minutes 😂

  • Stevie
    Sep 06

    My dentist said let them chew on the brush if they want. My son loved it at first then didn’t want me to do it now says brush teeth and sits while I do it. He liked sitting in the sink and looking in the mirror while I did it too. He’s 2 now.

  • Toni
    Sep 11

    I like the “your turn then mommy’s turn” approach. He’s learning but you can make sure they really get clean. It’s not something to ruin your bedtime routine over.