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Bug bite getting worse


My toddler had a bug bite (mosquitoe most likely) she won’t stop scratching it no matter how much I put on Anti-itch cream and now it looks like this, she has it on a few other spots on her body where she won’t stop itching it. I’ve tried mittens on her as well so it won’t get worse but nothing helps. Anyone know what it could be or what can help?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 09

    Are you sure they’re bug bites? Could it be dry skin or a heat rash? Where are the other areas that she has them? Look up heat rash in case those areas match up with where they typically occur.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 10

    That does not look like a bug bite. Does she have poison ivy?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11

    It use to be where a big bite was, after awhile the bug bite would swell down but she keeps itching it so that happens. It’s always where a bug bit her.

  • Cece
    Sep 19

    Hello, I am not a doctor and I don’t know for sure what exactly that is but I know one thing there’s this lemon balm I bought for my son when he caught something in school and it was really bad long story short I wanted to find something natural that would help instead of just taking him to the doctor because they just going to send you back home and recommend some over the counter stuff this is a miracle worker!!!! I recommend u try it it’s a little pricey but worth it for many things. Purchase on amazon