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Busy SAHP: what do you eat during the day???

I feel like I need quick things because baby is on the move, or his naps are short, but I don’t want the food to be unhealthy or boring! What are your go to meals during the day (for you!) when it’s just you and your kid(s)?

  • Kieli
    Dec 31

    The other day I made a chicken wrap and it was delicious! I heated a frozen chicken patty in the oven, cut up some fresh romaine hearts, tossed with some ranch put it in a tortilla and added some hot sauce and it was delicious! While my chicken patty was cooking I made one for my toddler as well with some tater tots

  • PK
    Dec 31

    If you have time... what I like to do is make large batches of food when my husband is around to watch our son or at night when everyone goes to bed. Package and portion it up in Tupperware so all you need to do during the day is pop it into the microwave. If you’re not much of a cook like me, download the Tasty app and browse on there. I usually look at their “one pot” meals so I don’t have a ton of dishes to do or their slow cooker meals so it’s as easy as dumping everything into a pot and turning it on for a few hours. If I don’t have those meals in the fridge for myself then I usually just eat sandwiches or bagel and cream cheese or other kind of spread.

  • Elle
    Jan 01

    Not a saph, but either way... Raw veggies?

  • Jennifer
    Jan 01

    I’ve been trying to eat more healthy and also part of a bet with my husband that I couldn’t survive a month without eating meat. My family refuses to eat my vegetarian meals so I have a lot of left overs so at lunch I’ll eat that myself. When my older kids are at school it’s just my 3 year old so I keep it pretty simple with her if I think she’ll eat what I’m having I’ll give it to her. Before id eat a lot of processed boxes foods but we are trying to stay away from that

  • Pila
    Jan 01

    My go to food is something simple n yummy I like flour tortillas w an avocado spread n a pinch of salt rolled up like a burrito

  • molly
    Jan 01

    egg sandwich, green smoothies, frozen quinoa meals, soups made in large batches, omelette, pbj, fruit yogurt parfaits, chia seed pudding, lots of salad