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C-section pain 3 years later

Lately my scar from my C-section has been hurting (like a pinching feeling) is this normal? My son will be 3 in October so it was a while ago. I noticed it is fading away. My husband Google it and said it was probably nerve damage healing.

  • Elle
    Jul 06

    No!! No surgical scar should give you pain. 3 years?! Did you do postpartum PT? Suggest researching the best OB surgeon in your state who takes your insurance and consulting with them. Arrange for the records from 1) the hospital and 2) your OB, to be faxed over prior to the appointment. (The hospital records contain the specifics of the surgery, which will reveal the exact incisions made, etc).

  • Jared
    Jul 06

    Haven’t had a c-section but have had several major surgeries with long incisions. They often cut across nerve fibers in the skin to get to the stuff they need to work on. This usually results in some numbness around the surgery site in your skin for months after the surgery - and over that time it starts to come back as a tingling sensation with some pain (like when your legs falls asleep and starts to wake up, very similar). There can be more pronounced pain as the nerves regrow some months after surgery. 3 years seems like a long time but one of my surgeries is about two years and still feels weird tingly when it gets touched. Probably worth calling the office of the surgeon to see what they say.

  • Anne
    Jul 07

    I had a similar feeling after both of my c sections. My OB told me it’s the scar tissue healing and it’ll be that way for at least a year post-op.

  • omosama
    Sep 10

    I had pain too at my c/s scar .. even when I waxing dowen there I felt very painfull at the scar ..and when I get pregnant again it was very painfull time