Reply to Transitioning FROM daycare (SAHM)

Is there a reason why you want 2 under 2yrs? If you are willing to wait until your oldest will be 2 when the baby is born (start trying at 1yr 3mths) it'll mean she can still go to part-time daycare. It makes a huge difference to be able to send the oldest somewhere so you can focus on baby. If you are definitely going to be a SAHM then take your oldest out of preschool at least a month before baby is due. You do not want him/her to have their world turned upside down with the arrival of the baby plus be taken out of school at the same time. Find a SAHM Group. You will need the socialization and so will your oldest. Keeping a toddler couped up in the house all day is just asking for a hyperactive toddler (which is why I'm strongly suggesting waiting until the oldest can do part-time care).