Reply to Teething

Welcome to the teething club! Symptoms start before you see anything. My 10 month old daughter cuts teeth slower than molasses. Hopefully her symptoms aren’t too bad. It gets “easier” once you know the signs and what works for you each time a new tooth drops. I hear we will be dealing with teething off and on for years. Don’t worry, try Tylenol on nights that your LO is reeeally struggling, lots of cuddles, get ready for runny noses and maybe a mild cough, less sleep (maybe) and a change in overall mood and appetite. Some of my pals try copaiba oil to rub on the gums. I think we have about 7 different teething toys and my daughter likes a banana teething with small bumpies around the top and a wide carrot thing with handles and small bumps as well. A cold wash cloth is also a big crowd pleaser during night play time. Good luck and know that this is just a blip in her growth and it won’t last FOREVER.