Reply to Best age for 1st Sleepover

I have a 9 year old son and he has had several sleepovers and gone to a couple. We haven't had more than 3 boys at a time though but they were fine in his room, if we past 3 I would make them set up in the livingroom. All they did was snack, play video games and be on the laptop. I had to force them to watch a movie and eat dinner. They were up pretty late playing them dang video games but you just have to set rules, check on them every now and then but once it gets late enough according to your schedule then just say "lights out" and pray all will be well which it should be. It's fun overall just remember when you were a kid, sleepovers were exciting, and girls are easier cause once all the activities are over they're pretty much ready to go to sleep anyway. Just let them be kids, but if you're really worried about the upstairs downstairs distance just set up a cozy atmosphere in the livingroom like the other mom said they'll love that to either way they'll have a good time!!