Reply to Sudden toddler sleep issues

๐Ÿ™ Iโ€™m sorry. Maybe call the pediatrician and see if they might have suggestions or want to check him out? Maybe something hurts when he lies down? Maybe take him to the store to get a security blanket or doll? My brother gave my son a stuffed dog a while back and during this phase I sat down with my son and told him that dogs are great friends and that this dog here is for him and to protect him at night. It didnโ€™t help us but for a few minutes he did hug the dog tight and I saw him set it up right on the edge of his crib. I also tried explaining to him that we were sleeping in another room but close by that nothing would hurt him. Walked him back and forth from our room to his to show how short of a distance it was. Explained that if he wants to do something fun the next day that we had to sleep. Are you usually the one that goes in to calm him? So my son occasionally has nightmares and my husband and I realized that itโ€™s better for him to actually go in to calm our son. Iโ€™m the primary caretaker. When I go in, our son just wants me to stay. He will cry after I leave for a really long time until we have to go in again. When my husband goes in to calm him down and then leave, he will cry for a bit but then settle back down faster.