Reply to Rant: pissed at spouse over holidays

Christmas Eve is going to church with my parents and then back to my parents’ for dinner and presents. My three year old ends up going to bed a little late. Then Christmas morning is our time and we have his parents come at 10:30 and they stay through dinner. His parents are a couple hours away and don’t usually get a tree or decorate so they like coming to us. Plus we do the cooking and they spend time with our son who they don’t see that often. My son sees my parents every weekday and they live super close so they don’t mind giving Christmas Day to my parents. They get Christmas Eve. My sister ends up doing Christmas Day with her boyfriends parents and sometimes invites my parents too. I think if you are leaving early from your family because it’s too late for your kids, taking them church is kind of hypocritical. Especially since the entire next day is for his family. I think your feelings are right. If he’s missing Christmas Eve service at church, maybe next year plan to switch and do his family Christmas Eve and yours Christmas Day.