Reply to Unleashed neighbor dogs

We have had a similar issue with a neighbor’s dogs. They bark and lunge at anyone who gets near and are constantly pooping in our yard. The neighbor is nice about it but has neglected to put up a fence or do anything to prevent the dogs from roaming. She mostly only lets them out at night so it’s not much of an issue for our toddler, except for the poop!!! This summer as the days grow longer and we are outside more, I imagine I will have to call animal control. I have called the police non-emergency when one of her dogs was outside for hours and kept coming to our door whining. They were wonderful and were able to catch the dog and get her back inside the house. I made them aware of the situation, although they neglected to write a ticket or give a warning. The only reason I haven’t called animal control is because our neighbor is nice & apologetic, and will clean up any dog poop we find. If your neighbor is not nice about it, I wouldn’t hesitate to call animal control. Any dog who is unleashed is considered “out of control” and if it barks or is aggressive or comes at you in any way you can dial 911! Good luck!