Reply to About to have 2 kids. Any advice?

I’ve got three now, 17 months apart and 20 months apart. When feeding baby (since it happens a lot with a newborn) try to include the older one as much as possible. Sit on the floor and nurse/feed so you can play blocks (I balanced baby with one arm and a boppy) or read a book on the couch next the child. The goal is just to make sure the older child still gets the cuddle time with mom and dad and doesn’t feel like it was a 1 for 1 swap. I recommend freezing a bunch of dinners so they’re ready to go, maybe preparing a few sensory bins/activities for the older one to do during crazy moments, and find ways (like the stroller or baby carrier) to continue to get out! Your older one is bound to misbehave if they don’t get to play with other kids and be physical. Before you know it they’ll be playing like rockstars and you’ll be able to cook dinner again :) enjoy!