Reply to Nearing my due date; what goes on after baby is delivered?

For my daughter’s birth it was just husband and I... had no family near by. She came out crying and was cleaned up a bit and was put on my chest. We did delayed cord clamping; husband cut it. Then she was cleaned up( we opted for no bath for her as the white stuff on her skin is good for it) and she was measured and given her eye drop and couple of other exams. Then I tried to breastfeed her but nothing came. Then I had to use the bathroom while husband did skin to skin. I thought I could walk to bathroom but almost ended on my face; had to use a wheel chair after tat. Then we were transferred to post delivery room and later baby ended up in NICU for low oxygen and jaundice; she was there four days. I was able to walk and stuff. They would call us to breastfeed or if she was in need of holding. I did have to ask for a pain reliever as I had no medication during delivery. Since my milk didn’t come in until days later I did have to ask a doc to prescribe her formula; her lips were all dried up and she looked so hungry. It was very emotional. They we came home and were like what do we do with her...... first time parents 😂