Reply to Anyone not love the town they live in?

Thanks! Our issue is we are in PA and family/friends are in NJ, and technically we could meet in Philadelphia which would be halfway for both, but my family acts like that is a huge ordeal bc it’s the city. And the surrounding areas aren’t the safest areas to meet up. I feel bad because so many of my friends live thousands of miles from family, so I should feel lucky that they are within an hour-hour and a half. But I just never wanted to leave my hometown, I was happy there and loved everything about it. It was the quintessential small town with everything within walking distance! I guess I am just lucky to have lived there for as long as I did. And maybe we should look for a similar town within 30 mins of his work like you both said, possibly could do that in the next few years. But will try to be happy where we are for now. It just stinks when he works a lot til 9 pm, it’s like what is the point of us living far from everyone else. Ugh.