Reply to Baby wearing

I used a Moby wrap with all three kids. I loved it! It was spectacular to be able to take the kid with me wherever I went with no issues. I just put a few diapers in my back pocket, a bottle of milk in my front pocket, the kid in the wrap, and we were out the door. We were on and off public transit in a flash. The kids loved being warm and bouncing most of the time. It was also really nice that if the kid was in the mood to scream the two of us could easily duck out at restaurants or wherever for a walk around the block bouncing and cooing until everything worked out. I found out pretty quick that if I wore a Dickies hoody one size to large for me it went right around the kid. They were snug and bundled. I got called in as a bearded man with possibly a bomb under his coat once, but after we got the cop calmed down, it was no big :) I probably watched a youtube video six times to learn how to do a front carry with the first kid. I never did master the back carry, but that would've been cool! For freedom of movement, and lots of independence, I think wraps are great!