Reply to When is the first time you left your little ones for a couples getaway?

My husband and I went away to Asia (from CA) for two weeks while his parents (who flew in from Toronto) watched our 2 year old at our home. I made a booklet for the grandparents about everything they could possibly need to know (probably overdid it), put together a document giving permission for them to care for our child and had it notarized. For our son, I recorded myself reading a few of his favorite books for him to follow along, ordered a pillow with our photo printed on it for him to hug if he missed us, and made a chart counting down the days until our return where he would move the airplane closer each day. And we would Skype home every other day or so and he could talk/see us a little bit. It was sad to leave, but he was completely fine, and great for us to get away.